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Hello, my name is Collin Paiz
I am a fourth-year Computer Science and Engineering student at Santa Clara University. I have a strong passion for software development, finance, fitness, golf, and digital art. I am currently searching for a computer science-related internship or entry-level job starting the summer/fall of 2023. Relevant coursework, projects, and experience, as well as my contact information can be found on this site.

03 Years of Higher Education
30+ Labs & Projects
Languages & Applications



VS 2019/Code
MS Office Suite
Adobe CC Suite
Maxon Cinema 4D
OTOY Octane Render
SideFX Houdini
Education & Experience



B.S. Computer Science and Engineering

● COEN 10: Introduction to Programming
● COEN 11: Advanced Programming
● COEN 12: Abstract Data Types & Structures
● COEN 19: Discrete Math
● COEN 20: Embedded Systems
● COEN 21: Logic Design
● COEN 79: Advanced Data Structures & Object-Oriented Programming
● COEN 122: Computer Architecture
● COEN 146: Computer Networks
● COEN 148: Computer Graphics
● COEN 169: Web Information Management
● COEN 177: Operating Systems
● COEN 178: Introduction to Database Systems
● COEN 179: Theory of Algorithms
● ELEN 153: Digital IC Design
● MATH 11-14: Calculus (Series)
● MATH 53: Linear Algebra
● AMTH 108: Probability & Statistics
● PHYS 31-33: Physics (Series)
3.71 GPA Santa Clara University September 2019 - June 2023

High School Diploma

● Introduction to CS
● Introduction to Game Design
● AP Computer Science Priniciples
3.8 GPA (unweighted) Canyon Crest Academy August 2015 - June 2019

Work Experience

CDIO Tech Software Engineer Intern

● Assisted with the back-end development of software applications to help teams in Wealth Management Americas track bug reports in Jira
● Began development of a front-end UI to provide clients at UBS and Broadridge a functional application tailored to their needs
● Participated in a program-long group intern project where we were tasked with outlining the creation of a new HR portal
UBS Weehawken, New Jersey June 2022 - August 2022 Kotlin, Java, ReactJS

3D Artist

● Create product visuals, product page renders, and promotional images for various Dr. Dabber products using Maxon Cinema 4D, OTOY Octane Render, and various Adobe Creative Cloud apps
● Participate in the creative direction for Dr. Dabber promotional material and product launches
Dr. Dabber Remote February 2020 - present MAXON Cinema 4D, OTOY Octane Render, Adobe CC

Independent Freelance 3D Artist

● Create custom 3D models and product renders for Well-Trained Mind Academy, Sophstone Bathware, Burke Brands and BioLite
● Other 3D modeling/rendering freelance work using Maxon Cinema 4D, OTOY Octane Render and various Adobe Creative Cloud apps
Upwork Remote August 2019 - June 2022 MAXON Cinema 4D, OTOY Octane Render, Adobe CC

Office Intern

● Responsible for the set up and installation of all office computers (Installations include MS Office, virus protection and ERP software)
● Assisted with various office administration tasks including data entry, filing, document scanning, and preparation of files for offsite storage
● Introduced to SDLC methodologies during ERP system implementation
● Supported various warehouse inventory projects
Sherpa Clinical Packaging San Diego, California June 2016 - August 2018
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Introduction to Programming in C

COEN 10: Introduction to Programming

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Advanced Programming Topics in C

COEN 11: Advanced Programming

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Embedded Systems in Assembly Language

COEN 20: Embedded Systems

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Computer Graphics Algorithms

COEN 148: Computer Graphics

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OOP Practice in C++

Deck of Cards

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OOP Practice in Python

Instagram Bot

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3D Digital Art


All Personal Projects Client Projects Product Renders Landscapes Photorealism Abstract
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